Highly recommend Brandon! He took such care to select properties that fit my budget and all the other preferences that I realized during the apartment hunt. He’s incredibly helpful, friendly, and makes sure you get through the moving process as smoothly as possible.
april d devine

Brandon helped me find a new apartment in Alexandria, VA that was close to my new job and reasonably priced. He showed me other options that were good as well. He made the process very smooth and quick!
Jon Miller

Brandon helped us negotiate an offer below asking price that the buyer accepted. Our lender said that Brandon was a good broker. We were very happy overall with the process.

Brandon was very professional and patient. He listened to what I was looking for and found several options to match that description and didn’t waste my time with options I wasn’t interested in. He was very responsive and upfront about paperwork. This time we were only looking for an apartment to rent but I look forward to having him help me with future home buying as well!
Neda Delavarpour

Brandon was attentive and awesome during our entire process. I had fun looking at the properties with him. He was honest and helpful. He took into account our family’s specific dynamics and needs. After we’d settled on a decision, he was responsive and professional.

Kristin Kilbane, Brian Friel

Brandon went above and beyond during my search and purchase of my home. He was always available to show me houses (close to, if not more than, 25 houses), including on a public holiday, and to answer any questions that I had (and I had plenty). Brandon is extremely knowledgeable about the area and housing trends in DC, which was invaluable during my search. Brandon was a dream to work with and was often the calm in the storm that was my home buying process. When it came to negotiating on purchase price, he was a master, and his skill help get my first home! He dealt with a difficult and sometimes unresponsive selling agent with patience and ease (and lots of humor), and I am a home-owner because of him. Brandon often carried the weight and responsibility of both selling and buying agent, reminding all parties of deadlines and documents necessary for closing. He did an excellent job of communicating with my loan officer behind to scenes to ensure that I was in my home before my lease and home buyers’ assistance expired! I would highly recommend Brandon for all of your purchasing and selling needs.


Brandon is the only Realtor I’ve ever worked with. He displayed never ending professionalism, communicated consistently, and detailed the entire process with accuracy. I highly recommend him for new home buyers in the area.


Brandon is consistently attentive, professional, and trustworthy. He makes you feel like family from the start of the interaction. He takes his job very serious and its refreshing to work with someone who has your best interest. My advice to anyone working with him is to LISTEN and take heed, you won’t regret it.


Yes, those are all five-star ratings. If there were six-star ratings, Brandon would have earned those easily. He is exceedingly professional, responsive, flexible, and thorough, and you get that as soon as you meet him. Brandon is extremely good at doing what he does, and he has a very considerate and accessible way of taking you through the real estate process. He’s going to find what you’re looking for, and you’ll enjoy working with him!


I am delighted to write this review. This is my fourth home purchase and based on my experience with realtors, Brandon Scott is a stellar realtor. He presented himself professionally with each encounter and proved to be very experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of real-estate. He was able to locate the perfect home for my family taking into consideration location, price range, and other criteria. Brandon negotiated and provided sound advice throughout the process. He was available and made me feel as if he had total attention on my project, as if I was his only client. I have no remorse with my purchase, in fact, the home is beyond my expectations and I feel extremely blessed with the seamless process. I highly recommend Brandon to anyone looking to successfully buy or sell their home.

M Lewis